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A nostalgic return to the past

A nostalgic return to the past

PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro tightly stuck already on the market. „Four” beats the next sales records, and players are slowly preparing for the arrival of the next console under the sign of Sony, the next generation. And to think that it all started with a small gray box, exactly 24 years ago.

Now that little jerk is back, in a highly modified form-as a retro mini-console. And although, as is usually the case with this type of equipment, PlayStation Classic does not have the full functionality of the original, and so on the form of its players-dinosaur softened the heart. Well, because how not to love a device that looks almost the same as a quarter of a century ago, and fits in your hand?

PSX as living

PSX as livingPlayStation Classic has all that first PlayStation. Well, almost, because some patents are just imitation. It’s even in valves that hide the memory card slots or CD cover. Even the Plugins for the gamepad – it really is a cleverly disguised USB plug. Yeah, but that’s the beauty of miniaturization.

The main thing is that despite these simplifications Sony managed to keep the atmosphere of the original. So we have a Power button that actually turns on the console. We have a Reset, this time for a quick return to the main menu with the games (and the recording speed, as I will say even lower). We also have Open, which, oddly enough, is actually associated with the replacement of disks.

Of course, we are not talking about this real exchange that requires beliefs „codecov”. Simply, in the case of games released on more disks, when the game reaches the point at which you want to change the media, the corresponding information appears on the screen, and we just press the Open button…and we can keep playing.

Absolutely irresistible for this console menu. If the PlayStation Classic already has 20 classic games, and access to them should be direct. From here scrolls, oval menus with covers of individual titles and a small list of additional options at the bottom of the screen where you can find, among other things, virtual „memorki” to record the state of the game.

The most interesting thing, however, there is a small icon in which, if we have already played in the title, you can see a photo of the last game, in her scene. This is something like a snapshot i.e. a data dump taken at the time of pressing the Reset button, when we want to exit this game and return to the main menu of PlayStation Classic.

Price of nostalgia

Price of nostalgiaI will not hide that retro konsolki not cheap and PlayStation Classic will not be here, rather, the exception. But delving a little deeper into the wallet is not the only price, nostalgia and passionate sighs of ancient times. Anyone who has ever had a PSX, probably fondly remembers the first moments spent with Final Fantasy VII, Metal Gear Solid or Tekken 3.

And although PlayStation Classic allows you to go back to those days, not all games look good in 720p resolution. Already even omitting the fact of archaic control or lack of vibration in gamepadach, meeting after many years with something we previously thought the epitome of perfection may not have been so perfect.

In times like these, excellent theatrical games like Horizon Zero Dawn, Spider-man, the new God of War or Red Dead Redemption 2 return to these oldest PlayStation roots won’t give everyone equal pleasure. It is known that the PlayStation Classic is great for those older players, but even they can feel a little discomfort. Just some games are not very good she is tired.

I will not say that badly played, playing on the micro konsolce in Tekken 3, Battle Arena Toshinden, Destruction Derby or at least Metal Gear Solid. The PlayStation Classic review problem is that I felt like I was dressed from incredible memories.

So I decided to check out how the younger generation will react to the PlayStation Classic, brought up on the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. I gave a play to my sick son, who previously was very busy with free Rayman, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six and Metal Gear Solid. And if this is the first he liked, the R6 already embarrassed him (he couldn’t find it), and the legend of did not made it a greater experience.

PlayStation Classic-is it worth it?

PlayStation Classic-is it worth it?What prevented him? Perhaps the most excessive conditionality graphics and the fact that many things he had to guess, in conjunction with what is actually currently seeing on the screen. In the end he said that maybe my time had something exciting, but it does not attract. If, however, you make me happy, you can play with me in something. Well, probably for a few years it will suffer the same thing when trying to show your child a favorite game.

Fans of retro games, probably now żachną-well, because how can you ask about it? After all, it is clear that it is, and it is a hundredfold. In the end, this is a tribute to the first PlayStation and its games-a legend (at least some of them). In addition, the PlayStation Classic can not deny the appeal. In the hand of micro konsolka, on the background of the original, the appearance, on the contrary, like Cossacks.

Hold on, even the fact that Sony used the public emulator PCSX here to create its own retro version of the first PlayStation. For maniacs retro has fun, and this will certainly find a lot here.

However, if someone refers to retro play only as a curiosity let better consider buying a PlayStation Classic. Because I don’t think it makes sense that this thing could be somewhere in the closet after spending a few tens of minutes with him. So, if you want to get your memories on PSX were only memories.

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