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Android turn based strategy games

Android turn based strategy games

The mobile market is not just a game for ordinary players, but also advanced strategies for cleaners. We have selected the most interesting ones, and in the list you will find both free android turn based strategy games and paid titles.

Rise of civilizations guide

Plague Inc. another mobile strategy that boasts a very unusual theme is Plague Inc. The game tells the story of the deadly epidemics of the tenth humanity and puts us on the unusual side, imposing the task to rise of civilizations guide destroy as many people as possible. Initially, the spread of the pathogen easily, but as soon as the number of infections would increase accordingly, in the fight against the disease entering the governments have many tools for the neutralization of the pandemic. These attempts should be answered by introducing mutations of diseases and always trying to be one step before the authorities.

The gameplay is easy to learn but offers a lot of depth. Epidemics can be caused. bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites, prions, nano-viruses and biological weapons. Each of these types develops in different ways, and it is also influenced by external conditions. Due to the fact that the rise of civilizations guide game will not get bored quickly. All this in General consists of a real pearl, which takes the player’s attention long after the unusual theme has time to slow it down.

Best strategy games for android

Best strategy games for androidThe XCOM Series is best strategy games for android forever inscribed in the history of PC strategy. On Android, most of her hits are not available, except for one game-XCOM: Enemy Within. On the PC, under this name is hidden add-on for XCOM: Enemy Unknown. On the contrary, in the mobile market, a separate position is so titled, which unites both these productions. The mobile version seems a little stripped-down compared to the pioneers of the PC, but the differences are not dramatic. The graphics are a bit simpler and the maps are smaller. Also, but it’s exactly the same game.

We get thus a powerful strategy in which there is an organization having to repel the invasion of aliens on Earth. We must manage the team, attract people, raise funds and conduct technological research. However, we spend most of our time guided by a small group of best strategy games for android agents during turn-based missions. The name is extensive, tactically developed and insanely honey. No problem, you can bury a few nights trying to stop the aliens. Among the products of this type on the mobile market there is nothing better.

Rise of civilization guide

Our next offer is a game that is still fragrant freshness, for Android version debuted in January of this year. Antihero reserves us as the head of a gang operating in Victorian London. These times rise of civilization guide did not belong to the lungs, so it is not surprising that our subordinates will not retreat to anything to avoid hunger and poverty.

Rise of civilization guideAt our disposal was a huge selection of android turn based strategy games criminal acts. We can, in particular, invest in illegal businesses, engage in robberies and robberies, commit contract killings or infiltrate other people’s businesses. All this is shown with great distrust, and Victorian London has a slightly caricature character. And the gameplay itself is developed and provides a lot of freedom in the management of the gang, allowing us to decide how cruel our gang will be.

Titanfall: Assault – Titanfall is one of The most interesting FPS series of recent years, so when announced that its mobile strategy game in the spirit of Clash Royale, most of us believe that it makes no sense to rise of civilization guide associate with this title high hopes. The reality was, however, quite different. Instead of a simple clone of the hit Studio Supercell we got products that using the basics of Clash Royale-offers a much wider tactical game.

In Titanfall: Assault cards are bigger and they provide more freedom of movement, matches last much longer and without the proper use of the unique features of the units has no chance of winning. Titanfall: Assault is currently one of the best mobile multiplayer strategies. Not enjoys, although and so a giant popularity, as Clash Royale, but much more beautiful and more interesting, and for this and so there is enough large community admirers, that never there is no problems with search for partners for game.

Android strategy games

Our one more offer is one of the main Polish android strategy games premieres of the last years and the title that he made from the Studio 11 bit brand recognizable all over the world. This War of Mine impresses with its unusual theme. War is something common in games, but most of them show it in terms of soldiers. But our compatriots allow us to become civilians trying to survive in the city covered by armed conflict. It is necessary to collect food, look for medicines and other supplies, take care of the cache and, above all, avoid contact with soldiers.

Android strategy gamesThe production is impressive by the harsh climate and the sad course of the gameplay, forcing android strategy games players to make decisions that end in the death of the innocent. Behind the atmosphere and gloomy message This War of Mine offers, however, also refined and expanded gameplay, and thanks to the generation of processing all the missions can be repeated without feeling tired.

Top strategy games for android

Top strategy games for androidRavenmark: the Scourge of Estellion – for Individuals looking for a superior tactical turn-based game designed specifically for mobile devices, we recommend Ravenmark: the Scourge of Estellion. It’s a war game rolling through fantasy land, offering an extensive campaign with a surprisingly interesting plot.

The heart of production, however, is above all a great combat system. During top strategy games for android battles, we must use education and take advantage of the terrain and the correct use of unit skills. Skirmishes have evolved on a large scale, but the game allows you to automate some of the actions by entering to develop General guidelines, so it is not necessary at every step to control everything manually. It’s funny how both sides give orders at the same time. When we are at rest all the moves, the action moves, and it remains only to observe how our teams are executed at the same time. This decision makes in order to become a winner, it is not enough just to respond to the actions of the top strategy games for android enemy – you need to learn to anticipate them.

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