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The rise and fall of OnLive

The rise and fall of OnLive

OnLive, the first company to popularize playing in the cloud, will soon cease to exist. From the statement issued by its representatives, we learn that the OnLive servers will stop working on April 30, and all its patents will be sold to Sony Computer Entertainment America.

Humble Beginnings

Humble BeginningsThis statement appeared almost six years after the announcement through OnLive, playing in the cloud will fall under the dead grass. Unfortunately, it turned out that the world was not ready for such a bold idea. For those who are not familiar with the topic, I would like to explain that the idea of a cloud game provides that no special hardware is required to run any titles.

Just any device with the appropriate application and Internet access. OnLive was the first to try to implement this solution, unfortunately, not very well. Over time, the company even introduced a $ 100 micro-console that allowed playing the latest titles only through the cloud.

OnLive was, however, a number of serious drawbacks. The biggest of them were high prices for games, the need to pay for subscriptions and a small number of servers. These latter, however, were only in the Us and Western Europe. That is why OnLive can be used by a very limited number of people. In order to enjoy smooth gameplay in the cloud in Poland, it was necessary to play at night, when the servers were not loaded enough.

It lacks a large investor or partner who will provide services to its servers around the world. OnLive was aware of these problems and in 2012 began restructuring the business. He presented, among other things, the opportunity to buy games in a hybrid plan. Names acquired in this way can be reproduced both in the cloud and in the traditional way. People who bought the game in a hybrid plan will still have access to them through the Steam service.

It is very important that OnLive sold their patents only to Sony. The Japanese company has already accepted another important streamingiem company, Gaikai. Thanks to this Sony has created its streaming service Playstation Now. It is possible to suspect The rise and fall of OnLive that thanks to new patents it will contain many interesting functions.

Aggressive Expansion

Aggressive ExpansionThus, the Japanese company will increase its advantage over Microsoft. The latter still doesn’t have any game streaming service. Sony does have only one competitor, Nvidia. This company has been building shield consoles for a long time. With them, you can run Android games in a classic way or with pecet titles, using the Nvidia Grid cloud service.

It is difficult to predict the future of such a underdeveloped industry as the streaming market. But it seems that it will be divided only between Sony and NVIDIA. This is all the more likely that the developers of GeForce-s, in General, is becoming more and more appetite for the segment of game consoles. Both stationary and mobile.

It’s almost certain that Microsoft and Valve will also introduce their streaming services over time-two more businesses that are currently shaking the video game market. Will anyone come out of this rivalry a winner? Doubt. I suspect that the market will be divided into several parts, as a result of which the oligopoly will reign. Exactly as is happening now in the market of gaming equipment.

Sudden Death

Sudden DeathOnLive was too small a company to survive the revolution conducted through itself. Nevertheless, the company entered the history of the world of computer games. Indirectly, thanks to him, soon even in Poland we will be able to play comfortably in the cloud. Don’t believe? This, experience the Nvidia Grid service. When was one server available in the United States, he worked it just right, but it happened it is a serious injury. Now it works absolutely smoothly, and soon everything will work even better, because the next Nvidia server will be opened quite close to our country, in German Frankfurt.

What’s more, Shield will have a very low price tag, at $ 199, So it can already be assumed that Nvidia could at least for a while dominate the game streaming market. Of course, if the price of games on this console, as well as the cost of the subscription will not be too high. If the base fee for using the cloud will be 20-30 zlotys per month, many people will decide to choose shild.

After all, at the price of a traditional console, it would be possible to pay for an Nvidia subscription for a few years. Moreover, chmurowy equipment does not age over time, and the quality of the graphics offered through it (or rather through servers) will improve. So if you were going to buy an Xbox one or Playstation 4, wait until June on your Nvidia console. It is possible that it will turn the game market upside down. And the same will do that for the first time in a long time Microsoft and Sony will see real competition on the horizon.

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The last days are a real rollercoaster of changes in the ranks of Virtus Pro organization. A few days ago it was reported about the termination of the team’s activities in the CS:GO arena. Recall that the bosses VP a few months ago decided to castling in the table formed by the team of Poles. In the end of the year, Victor „TaZ” Wojtas, Janusz „Snax” Pogorzelski and Pavel „byali” Belinsky left or were pushed away from him.

Virtus Pro

Virtus ProTheir place in the team took Peter „morals” Materka, michał” mihu ” Muller and Michal „snatchy” Rudzki. Reshuffle in the composition did not produce the expected effect. Virtusi still played poorly and the results were not satisfactory. It was already mentioned the suspension of the team’s CS:GO and another reshuffle in the composition. Few expected, however, the changes that were announced on Christmas Eve.

The most important event is the end of many years of adventures of Philip ” Neo ” Cuban of Virtus Pro. One of the most outstanding Polish eSports players has represented the colors of this team for the last 5 years and has been the basis of Virtus promotion to the world leader. Neo finally says goodbye to the organization what can be said about the second legend team-Yaroslav Jarzabkowski. The popular „pashaBiceps” will no longer be an active player, but at the moment he remains in the structures of the organization.

His exact role will be announced early next year, but on the sidelines say that there should be a streamerem organization or lead their own team, which pełniłby the role of the Academy and the server for the „main” Virtus Pro team. But this is not the end of change. After a short episode with a group of also said goodbye morels. They returned to the team while they were and Snax. Both cannot be successful in recent months.

This is the first in recent months tried his hand at his own team miksowej, and Snax unsuccessfully tried to get back in shape, in the ranks of mousesports. The last member of the revived Virtus Pro was Matthew „TOAO” Zawistowski. Former player AGO ESports has become the new captain of the team. As a coach, V. P. left, and Jakub „kuben” Gurczyński. What will the team look like after the shift? We will learn about it next year. One, however, some-after Victor ” TaZ ” Wojtas left the team, and now NEO is the end of a certain era on the Polish Counter-Strike scene.

A certain era in Russian eSports is coming to an end

This is a very sad day for Polish eSports. Virtus.Pro, where players for more than a decade has brought a lot of joy to fans of Counter-Strike, suspends the activities. The official website of the team says:

A certain era in Russian eSports is coming to an end

Given the latest results, our division CS: GO failed to participate in the tournament draw until its cancellation. By the end of the year, we will inform you of the steps we have taken.

The decision was also reported in the Twitter Manager of the team, Roman Dvoryankin: It’s a sad day for us, but we have to go through. Right now our players can’t show the best game as a group, it’s bad for them, it’s bad for us, it’s bad for our fans. We will update you on our plans by the end of the year.

End Of Virtus.Pro this is due to very weak services. Even catastrophic. The poles did not get into the prestigious League ESL Pro League and IEM in Katowice. After losing clashes with Vitality and x-komem iconic character for the Polish scene, Jaroslav pasha Jarząbkowski posted on his Facebook a lot of talking message.

Virtus.Pro has won more tournament. shuts down struggling Counter-Strike lineup Losses in the courtyard, only aggravated the situation, the Poles playing in the Russian organization. This year has expired Virtusom’s rhythm personnel changes. In February, Kinguin moved with Taz, who with the team leader, Philip Neo Kubskim played from the origins of the Polish CS-a team in Poland.

Early retirement

Early retirementIn June, mousesports have passed Janusz Pogorzelski Snax, and in August left Paul byali Bilinski. They have both played with Neo and PASHA since late 2013. Regarding the shortcomings of human Virtus.Pro joined Peter morelz Taterka (, Michal MICHU Muller (with Team Kinguin) and Michael snatchie Rudzki (AGO ESports). The new line-up in a short time did not set, however, for the success of the former team.

With Virtus.Pro ends a certain era in Russian eSports. Years to come Virtus.Pro rozdawało maps in the world CS-ie and K was for the sample team that can mobilize for the main competition and take in the same lineup throughout the year. The Polish team on my account at least:

  • 1. place on ESL Major Series One Katowice 2014,
  • 1. place at DreamHack Open Bucharest 2016,
  • 1. place on ESL ESEA Pro League Invitational.

And many other successes in competitions of the highest rank-the Prime Minister. Neo is considered the best player in CS-1.6, as well as the leading player in CS-GO. Pasha and Taz, in turn, are one of the most recognizable players whose brilliant games have repeatedly got into match replays.

The suspension of Virtus.Pro under CS-and could mean the end of career oldest players: the 31-year-old Neo, and a year younger pashy. Throughout the confusion, it is best left as the pelvis is still that part left first.

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Why Twilight Imperium Might Be the Greatest Board Game Ever Made

Why Twilight Imperium Might Be the Greatest Board Game Ever Made

Twilight Of The Empire. There are people who start drooling on this sound. There are those who begin to tremble in horror. And how does it fit into Sunday’s players?

Beata has already moved to Jogging-all day on the boards is too much for her. I decided that even for the experience I want something like this. The game will like it or not, it’s a classic, and the classic is worth studying at least in order to sit back, as it does not deserve to be called a classic.

Twilight is a great game

No, that’s an understatement, though. Twilight is a game where the rules translate for about two hours. And the game is eight to twelve. And sometimes longer. If you are no longer afraid, I invite you to continue reading.

Explains the rules of the game, as I have said, some two hours. So I’ll have to, at its core, go a bit on the labels on their resumes.

Twilight is a great gameEach player takes on a representative of one of the interstellar empires. Individual empires differ in starting planets (they give different values of production and policy/revenue), productions, technologies and special characteristics and possible goals and technologies, racial – all this leads to certain opportunities for development, not others.

The aim of the game is to get 10 victory points. These are awarded by completing objectives (at the end of each round), conquering areas with artifacts and other ways. Points generally become dense-in the course of gaining 1-2, sometimes a good move can give 3-5, of which part of the temporary and demanding protection.

At the beginning of the turn, players choose one of the strategies-the player playing it has certain bonuses, the rest can perform actions related to it. For example, technology allows a player to invent two technologies at the regular price, or one for free, while other players can only invent one technology at the regular price at the moment. Strategies also determine the order of movement, which is also important in the game.

The Empire is in full swing

Players then perform actions in order of their strategy. They do not need to play – they can also perform other actions, such as the movement of units. However, this requires the use of one with a limited number of command chips (split into three pools – in simplifying promotions, fleet size, and the use of other players ‚ strategies). These chips are constantly disappearing, and each move comes standard only two…

The Empire is in full swingPossible actions in the game are quite a lot-research, trade (in the form of trade agreements, irregularly, giving certain harvests, usually 1-3 goods in trade, which can be changed in the game, too many missing resources), diplomacy (which vote different laws helping or seven players), etc. Ships belong to a number of different species, of which only some can carry fighters and ground forces – these first serve de facto as moving discs for the fleet (which as for me is quite weak and a little epic motive)., the second are needed to conquer planets.

Speaking of naval battles. These are solved by throwing 10 dice-with mounting on the wall, with different chances of getting hit (from 4 to 9). Standard one hit=one death, some ships can take two. This is the usefulness of fighters, which shoot poorly, but effectively absorb damage. Despite all the battles, how little useful (mass skips in each attack) as annoyingly random. Some technologies that help combat they are also quite absurd (for example, there is one technology that strengthens the chances of survival… but only in attack, nor in defense… because Why Twilight Imperium Might Be the Greatest Board Game Ever Made it is. If the other option would make more sense, then it’s just weird.)

One thing I really liked about the game was its reliance on negotiation. In this game it is possible to discuss everything and always that opens really big space for players at level purely social. Unfortunately, other elements do not correspond to this aspect.

Graphically, this is quite normal. Small ships of various types, colorful hexes. It’s decent – heksy in my opinion is worse than in Eclipse, the device is a bit nicer (though not compared to those of the extra set to Eclipse), overall not bad, but for three hundred and fifty rubles and not great.

Empires grow slowly

If we talk about the game itself… This, unfortunately, but for a long time just fought. I played a race presented as pretty strong (and Yes, races are not balanced, jupi…), the plot stylized for fast attacks by small forces of cruisers… which is an absolutely stupid possible military strategy in this game. (I’ll add that not even specifically for such attacks I had the chance to come – I didn’t have the opportunity to build a meaningful fleet for the longer part of the game.) Most of the time I had a feeling of lack of opportunity, great helplessness and whatever I did, I still have no chance of a meaningful victory. I didn’t even feel the need to cut the glasses-why would I cut three if I didn’t have a chance to destroy the remaining 7 in any way? Combined with playing time, it wasn’t a pleasant day. But Hey, at least I have experience with Twilight 😉

Empires grow slowlyTwilight is a game of contradictions for me. This is epic … on the reduction of points. It’s an awfully long game… which is basically impossible to catch up with the pack when his fall off. The game is about the long development of your Empire… in which can be lose on stupidity, not was lucky in the bones. A game with epic features … constantly and at any time dramatically suffocates an extremely small number of action points available to players.

Really? I can not understand its popularity, otherwise,than through cognitive dissonance, a kind of Stockholm syndrome. Players who have dedicated so much time to this Mare that they have to present themselves as cool because otherwise they would have gone out for pointlessly long hours. Well, maybe even the law of old age – the market games are bad, but the protracted circle of loyal fans, the fact of your experience and memories, what you fans associated with them. What with the fact that the market already has newer and better games if the old cause such emotions.

One really good and interesting thing at Dusk for me is the aspect of diplomatic negotiations, the function of negotiations with everyone. It is, however, too little as at the time of the game, and in every other aspect, I know games that Twilighta hit on the head (in this, however, probably too, but I don’t know).

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A nostalgic return to the past

A nostalgic return to the past

PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro tightly stuck already on the market. „Four” beats the next sales records, and players are slowly preparing for the arrival of the next console under the sign of Sony, the next generation. And to think that it all started with a small gray box, exactly 24 years ago.

Now that little jerk is back, in a highly modified form-as a retro mini-console. And although, as is usually the case with this type of equipment, PlayStation Classic does not have the full functionality of the original, and so on the form of its players-dinosaur softened the heart. Well, because how not to love a device that looks almost the same as a quarter of a century ago, and fits in your hand?

PSX as living

PSX as livingPlayStation Classic has all that first PlayStation. Well, almost, because some patents are just imitation. It’s even in valves that hide the memory card slots or CD cover. Even the Plugins for the gamepad – it really is a cleverly disguised USB plug. Yeah, but that’s the beauty of miniaturization.

The main thing is that despite these simplifications Sony managed to keep the atmosphere of the original. So we have a Power button that actually turns on the console. We have a Reset, this time for a quick return to the main menu with the games (and the recording speed, as I will say even lower). We also have Open, which, oddly enough, is actually associated with the replacement of disks.

Of course, we are not talking about this real exchange that requires beliefs „codecov”. Simply, in the case of games released on more disks, when the game reaches the point at which you want to change the media, the corresponding information appears on the screen, and we just press the Open button…and we can keep playing.

Absolutely irresistible for this console menu. If the PlayStation Classic already has 20 classic games, and access to them should be direct. From here scrolls, oval menus with covers of individual titles and a small list of additional options at the bottom of the screen where you can find, among other things, virtual „memorki” to record the state of the game.

The most interesting thing, however, there is a small icon in which, if we have already played in the title, you can see a photo of the last game, in her scene. This is something like a snapshot i.e. a data dump taken at the time of pressing the Reset button, when we want to exit this game and return to the main menu of PlayStation Classic.

Price of nostalgia

Price of nostalgiaI will not hide that retro konsolki not cheap and PlayStation Classic will not be here, rather, the exception. But delving a little deeper into the wallet is not the only price, nostalgia and passionate sighs of ancient times. Anyone who has ever had a PSX, probably fondly remembers the first moments spent with Final Fantasy VII, Metal Gear Solid or Tekken 3.

And although PlayStation Classic allows you to go back to those days, not all games look good in 720p resolution. Already even omitting the fact of archaic control or lack of vibration in gamepadach, meeting after many years with something we previously thought the epitome of perfection may not have been so perfect.

In times like these, excellent theatrical games like Horizon Zero Dawn, Spider-man, the new God of War or Red Dead Redemption 2 return to these oldest PlayStation roots won’t give everyone equal pleasure. It is known that the PlayStation Classic is great for those older players, but even they can feel a little discomfort. Just some games are not very good she is tired.

I will not say that badly played, playing on the micro konsolce in Tekken 3, Battle Arena Toshinden, Destruction Derby or at least Metal Gear Solid. The PlayStation Classic review problem is that I felt like I was dressed from incredible memories.

So I decided to check out how the younger generation will react to the PlayStation Classic, brought up on the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. I gave a play to my sick son, who previously was very busy with free Rayman, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six and Metal Gear Solid. And if this is the first he liked, the R6 already embarrassed him (he couldn’t find it), and the legend of did not made it a greater experience.

PlayStation Classic-is it worth it?

PlayStation Classic-is it worth it?What prevented him? Perhaps the most excessive conditionality graphics and the fact that many things he had to guess, in conjunction with what is actually currently seeing on the screen. In the end he said that maybe my time had something exciting, but it does not attract. If, however, you make me happy, you can play with me in something. Well, probably for a few years it will suffer the same thing when trying to show your child a favorite game.

Fans of retro games, probably now żachną-well, because how can you ask about it? After all, it is clear that it is, and it is a hundredfold. In the end, this is a tribute to the first PlayStation and its games-a legend (at least some of them). In addition, the PlayStation Classic can not deny the appeal. In the hand of micro konsolka, on the background of the original, the appearance, on the contrary, like Cossacks.

Hold on, even the fact that Sony used the public emulator PCSX here to create its own retro version of the first PlayStation. For maniacs retro has fun, and this will certainly find a lot here.

However, if someone refers to retro play only as a curiosity let better consider buying a PlayStation Classic. Because I don’t think it makes sense that this thing could be somewhere in the closet after spending a few tens of minutes with him. So, if you want to get your memories on PSX were only memories.

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Android turn based strategy games

Android turn based strategy games

The mobile market is not just a game for ordinary players, but also advanced strategies for cleaners. We have selected the most interesting ones, and in the list you will find both free android turn based strategy games and paid titles.

Rise of civilizations guide

Plague Inc. another mobile strategy that boasts a very unusual theme is Plague Inc. The game tells the story of the deadly epidemics of the tenth humanity and puts us on the unusual side, imposing the task to rise of civilizations guide destroy as many people as possible. Initially, the spread of the pathogen easily, but as soon as the number of infections would increase accordingly, in the fight against the disease entering the governments have many tools for the neutralization of the pandemic. These attempts should be answered by introducing mutations of diseases and always trying to be one step before the authorities.

The gameplay is easy to learn but offers a lot of depth. Epidemics can be caused. bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites, prions, nano-viruses and biological weapons. Each of these types develops in different ways, and it is also influenced by external conditions. Due to the fact that the rise of civilizations guide game will not get bored quickly. All this in General consists of a real pearl, which takes the player’s attention long after the unusual theme has time to slow it down.

Best strategy games for android

Best strategy games for androidThe XCOM Series is best strategy games for android forever inscribed in the history of PC strategy. On Android, most of her hits are not available, except for one game-XCOM: Enemy Within. On the PC, under this name is hidden add-on for XCOM: Enemy Unknown. On the contrary, in the mobile market, a separate position is so titled, which unites both these productions. The mobile version seems a little stripped-down compared to the pioneers of the PC, but the differences are not dramatic. The graphics are a bit simpler and the maps are smaller. Also, but it’s exactly the same game.

We get thus a powerful strategy in which there is an organization having to repel the invasion of aliens on Earth. We must manage the team, attract people, raise funds and conduct technological research. However, we spend most of our time guided by a small group of best strategy games for android agents during turn-based missions. The name is extensive, tactically developed and insanely honey. No problem, you can bury a few nights trying to stop the aliens. Among the products of this type on the mobile market there is nothing better.

Rise of civilization guide

Our next offer is a game that is still fragrant freshness, for Android version debuted in January of this year. Antihero reserves us as the head of a gang operating in Victorian London. These times rise of civilization guide did not belong to the lungs, so it is not surprising that our subordinates will not retreat to anything to avoid hunger and poverty.

Rise of civilization guideAt our disposal was a huge selection of android turn based strategy games criminal acts. We can, in particular, invest in illegal businesses, engage in robberies and robberies, commit contract killings or infiltrate other people’s businesses. All this is shown with great distrust, and Victorian London has a slightly caricature character. And the gameplay itself is developed and provides a lot of freedom in the management of the gang, allowing us to decide how cruel our gang will be.

Titanfall: Assault – Titanfall is one of The most interesting FPS series of recent years, so when announced that its mobile strategy game in the spirit of Clash Royale, most of us believe that it makes no sense to rise of civilization guide associate with this title high hopes. The reality was, however, quite different. Instead of a simple clone of the hit Studio Supercell we got products that using the basics of Clash Royale-offers a much wider tactical game.

In Titanfall: Assault cards are bigger and they provide more freedom of movement, matches last much longer and without the proper use of the unique features of the units has no chance of winning. Titanfall: Assault is currently one of the best mobile multiplayer strategies. Not enjoys, although and so a giant popularity, as Clash Royale, but much more beautiful and more interesting, and for this and so there is enough large community admirers, that never there is no problems with search for partners for game.

Android strategy games

Our one more offer is one of the main Polish android strategy games premieres of the last years and the title that he made from the Studio 11 bit brand recognizable all over the world. This War of Mine impresses with its unusual theme. War is something common in games, but most of them show it in terms of soldiers. But our compatriots allow us to become civilians trying to survive in the city covered by armed conflict. It is necessary to collect food, look for medicines and other supplies, take care of the cache and, above all, avoid contact with soldiers.

Android strategy gamesThe production is impressive by the harsh climate and the sad course of the gameplay, forcing android strategy games players to make decisions that end in the death of the innocent. Behind the atmosphere and gloomy message This War of Mine offers, however, also refined and expanded gameplay, and thanks to the generation of processing all the missions can be repeated without feeling tired.

Top strategy games for android

Top strategy games for androidRavenmark: the Scourge of Estellion – for Individuals looking for a superior tactical turn-based game designed specifically for mobile devices, we recommend Ravenmark: the Scourge of Estellion. It’s a war game rolling through fantasy land, offering an extensive campaign with a surprisingly interesting plot.

The heart of production, however, is above all a great combat system. During top strategy games for android battles, we must use education and take advantage of the terrain and the correct use of unit skills. Skirmishes have evolved on a large scale, but the game allows you to automate some of the actions by entering to develop General guidelines, so it is not necessary at every step to control everything manually. It’s funny how both sides give orders at the same time. When we are at rest all the moves, the action moves, and it remains only to observe how our teams are executed at the same time. This decision makes in order to become a winner, it is not enough just to respond to the actions of the top strategy games for android enemy – you need to learn to anticipate them.

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What courses do you need to take?

Where to learn. Has the short review delivered to you aroused your interest? If you do not mind working in the video game industry, try to find out more. Where to start? What courses do you need to take? Even in our country there is quite an interesting training offer. We start with state universities that activate academic courses specifically dedicated to video games.

The first proposed them in Milan and Genoa, but many other universities have understood the importance of providing specialized training for future programmers and video game programmers. And they organize themselves to meet their needs. For example, Luiss University offers a master in game design, and in Verona masters in game development.

We start with the Digital Bros Game Academy

There are also many private facilities. We start with the Digital Bros Game Academy, which is based in Milan and offers annual courses, which cost 7,000 euros. And we are continuing with the Vigamus Academy in Rome, which activates the three-year and master’s degree studies, for which we have to pay 6000 euros per year.

Also in Rome you can sign up for AIV (Italian Videogames Academy), which offers three-year courses, which cost 5,000 euros per year, during the IUDAV (Digital University Videogame Animation Institute) in Salerno, the first year of the lesson costs 4,500 euros (+ 500 registration fees), while the second and third year costs 6,000 euros.

We are also finishing Event Horizon, a school of digital and interactive art that has offices in Turin, Milan, Padua, Florence, Jesi and Pescara.

And this offers courses and masters of various types. This in Game Development, which lasts a year, costs 7550 euro. But there are also solutions with lower costs.

We start with the Digital Bros Game Academy

Work in the video game industry: this is how to create and what are the outlets. interviewed Geoff M. Davis, general director of Digital Bros Game Academy, which illustrates professional characters related to the video game industry, training and skills required by companies

What are the professional profiles related to the world of video games and what specifically creates the Digital Bros Game Academy?

Work in the video game industry

Making a list of all professional characters related to the video game industry would require websites and sites, because applications in the video game industry are in many cases similar to any company considered more „traditional”, such as media companies and entertainment. It is true that in the area of ​​research on game development there are very specialized roles, such as Game Designer, Game Programmer, Art and Animator, and even more in the vertical – Level Designer, Modeler, Technical Artist, etc.

Work in the video game industryFor this reason, there are plenty of professional opportunities for those who want to start a career in the industry and there are many employment opportunities, even for people with early experience.

Certainly the video game market has become more complex and competitive, which is why professionals and competences are increasingly being chosen by those who rent or look for collaborators for their own development studio or projects. Therefore, it is crucial to have special training and to follow an ad hoc path.

We see this clearly on markets such as USA and Candese, where the offer of training for the video game industry is wide and thriving.

When one of our students completes the DBGA course

Having said that, perhaps this need is emphasized in an even more meaningful way by talking to the students themselves, even those Italians who desperately want people, even beginners, who can contribute to the projects thanks to the skills they acquired after professional training on game development video.

At the Digital Bros Academy Academy, this is what we offer. Three courses – game programmer, game designer and artist / animator 2D / 3D – were designed to train the new generation of game developers on the video game market. When one of our students completes the DBGA course, he will be able to work as part of development studies as a younger resource and create his own projects.

When one of our students completes the DBGA course

We already have examples of projects that our students have implemented during the first 6 months, which we evaluate as products that will be published under one of the companies belonging to the Digital Bros Group.

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To be more competitive on the global market

In terms of consumption, the video games market in Italy is growing and growing from year to year, which is a clear sign of Italy’s passion for interactive entertainment. with

On the other hand, our country is still in the embryonic stage of development, but it is going through a moment of great ferment. Active video games development studies in Italy are in fact constantly growing (over 100, almost all micro), of which more than six out of ten enterprises were born less than three years and run by young entrepreneurs, with an average age of 33 years.

Greater emphasis on seeking international investment for domestic production.

After the decrees will come into force after being investigated by the European Commission expected for some of them, Italian production and distribution companies will have access to 2017, retrospectively to make a number of benefits such as credit production taxes, credit distribution, automatic and selective contributions, related to economic, cultural and artistic results.

„The last two measures – explains Thalita Malago, Secretary General of Aesvi – are key in the scenario, like the Italian, in which self-financing has always been the first source of income for enterprises in which the lack of sources of financing, both external and internal, is considered the main obstacle in the development of this sector. Greater emphasis on seeking international investment for domestic production.

To be more competitive on the global market, the Italian video game industry needs interventions that can accelerate the development of production at the local level. In this sense, the Act on Cinematography is a big step forward in this sector. We therefore hope that the implementation of the planned measures can start as soon as possible after the necessary

European level, and the implementation of legislation in the near future may take place in two different directions: greater financial resources for the video game industry and

Greater emphasis on seeking international investment for domestic production.

The number of applications for projects

However, the sector is growing. Even graduate courses have been created by train makers specializing in video games. The market, among others, is constantly growing. 25 million players are moved (50% men and 50% women). Almost 148 thousand people took part in this year’s Milan Games Week, alternating between two pavilions Fiera Milano Rho. Over 900 accredited journalists, bloggers and youtuber.

The number of applications for projects«Video game companies – Paolo Capitelli, partner of Forge Reply – also discover the potential of virtual reality. The latter turns out to be useful for training and teaching. This allows you to experience performance and product in a direct and engaging way. The number of applications for projects and projects concerning the construction of cars or buildings is also increasing. And maybe even while visiting museums and preparing exhibitions. I am zastonvinto that there will be growth in terms of both investment and employment. „

Work in the video game industry: where to start?

This video game is a constantly growing industry that is supposed to seduce more and more young and very young people. If the simple player started to hold fast, you can think about leaving the sofa set well in front of the console to move specifically after the action.

Working in the video game industry can be an exciting and exciting challenge. And also quite profitable. But what are the most desirable data on the market? And where do you take your first steps? We try to discover together, remembering that – as with any other sector – even this video game requires professionalism, commitment and responsibility. Those who think it’s just fun, it’s better to sacrifice to something else.

The most widespread competition

  • Game designer (or game author). It is he who develops and proposes the basic idea of ​​video games. He works in close cooperation with many other resources, thanks to which he improves the original project over time. This is a strategic figure that can not lack creativity, but even precision and rigor. Because the game designer is the one who sets the rules of the game. He can not have no clear ideas.

  • Programmer. It records and develops the so-called „machine code”, which is the language in which all programs that can be performed for a computer are saved. It is a demanding and tiring job that requires extensive computer skills and a lot of patience. A computer game programmer is usually an IT engineer, accustomed to working with everyone and being hidden. But without him, the show could not appear on the stage. The most widespread competition
  • Artistic director. Responsible for the visual part of the game. He must have strong artistic skills and equally well-developed organizational skills, because he must coordinate the work of the resources involved, in different ways, graphically and animatively. In practice, if everything you see on the screen that you like means that the team headed by the artistic director works well.
  • Sound engineer. He is responsible for the sound part. The one who gives voice to characters and takes care of all sound effects. Some video games have reached the definition of film products. It is also the merit of sound engineers who often choose suggestive music that can revive the players. And make them move forward faster.
  • Video game tester. Before entering the markets, like all marketing-oriented products, even video games are tested by professional testers paid for „doing fleas”. The video game tester is a great connoisseur of the video game industry, which is able to identify errors and malfunctions that need to be corrected. It may seem like a dream job (things that change their minds even for those who design, from an early age to become rich by kicking the ball), but in reality it is a demanding profession. This requires special attention, competence and excellent communication skills.