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The rise and fall of OnLive

The rise and fall of OnLive

OnLive, the first company to popularize playing in the cloud, will soon cease to exist. From the statement issued by its representatives, we learn that the OnLive servers will stop working on April 30, and all its patents will be sold to Sony Computer Entertainment America.

Humble Beginnings

Humble BeginningsThis statement appeared almost six years after the announcement through OnLive, playing in the cloud will fall under the dead grass. Unfortunately, it turned out that the world was not ready for such a bold idea. For those who are not familiar with the topic, I would like to explain that the idea of a cloud game provides that no special hardware is required to run any titles.

Just any device with the appropriate application and Internet access. OnLive was the first to try to implement this solution, unfortunately, not very well. Over time, the company even introduced a $ 100 micro-console that allowed playing the latest titles only through the cloud.

OnLive was, however, a number of serious drawbacks. The biggest of them were high prices for games, the need to pay for subscriptions and a small number of servers. These latter, however, were only in the Us and Western Europe. That is why OnLive can be used by a very limited number of people. In order to enjoy smooth gameplay in the cloud in Poland, it was necessary to play at night, when the servers were not loaded enough.

It lacks a large investor or partner who will provide services to its servers around the world. OnLive was aware of these problems and in 2012 began restructuring the business. He presented, among other things, the opportunity to buy games in a hybrid plan. Names acquired in this way can be reproduced both in the cloud and in the traditional way. People who bought the game in a hybrid plan will still have access to them through the Steam service.

It is very important that OnLive sold their patents only to Sony. The Japanese company has already accepted another important streamingiem company, Gaikai. Thanks to this Sony has created its streaming service Playstation Now. It is possible to suspect The rise and fall of OnLive that thanks to new patents it will contain many interesting functions.

Aggressive Expansion

Aggressive ExpansionThus, the Japanese company will increase its advantage over Microsoft. The latter still doesn’t have any game streaming service. Sony does have only one competitor, Nvidia. This company has been building shield consoles for a long time. With them, you can run Android games in a classic way or with pecet titles, using the Nvidia Grid cloud service.

It is difficult to predict the future of such a underdeveloped industry as the streaming market. But it seems that it will be divided only between Sony and NVIDIA. This is all the more likely that the developers of GeForce-s, in General, is becoming more and more appetite for the segment of game consoles. Both stationary and mobile.

It’s almost certain that Microsoft and Valve will also introduce their streaming services over time-two more businesses that are currently shaking the video game market. Will anyone come out of this rivalry a winner? Doubt. I suspect that the market will be divided into several parts, as a result of which the oligopoly will reign. Exactly as is happening now in the market of gaming equipment.

Sudden Death

Sudden DeathOnLive was too small a company to survive the revolution conducted through itself. Nevertheless, the company entered the history of the world of computer games. Indirectly, thanks to him, soon even in Poland we will be able to play comfortably in the cloud. Don’t believe? This, experience the Nvidia Grid service. When was one server available in the United States, he worked it just right, but it happened it is a serious injury. Now it works absolutely smoothly, and soon everything will work even better, because the next Nvidia server will be opened quite close to our country, in German Frankfurt.

What’s more, Shield will have a very low price tag, at $ 199, So it can already be assumed that Nvidia could at least for a while dominate the game streaming market. Of course, if the price of games on this console, as well as the cost of the subscription will not be too high. If the base fee for using the cloud will be 20-30 zlotys per month, many people will decide to choose shild.

After all, at the price of a traditional console, it would be possible to pay for an Nvidia subscription for a few years. Moreover, chmurowy equipment does not age over time, and the quality of the graphics offered through it (or rather through servers) will improve. So if you were going to buy an Xbox one or Playstation 4, wait until June on your Nvidia console. It is possible that it will turn the game market upside down. And the same will do that for the first time in a long time Microsoft and Sony will see real competition on the horizon.

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