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The last days are a real rollercoaster of changes in the ranks of Virtus Pro organization. A few days ago it was reported about the termination of the team’s activities in the CS:GO arena. Recall that the bosses VP a few months ago decided to castling in the table formed by the team of Poles. In the end of the year, Victor „TaZ” Wojtas, Janusz „Snax” Pogorzelski and Pavel „byali” Belinsky left or were pushed away from him.

Virtus Pro

Virtus ProTheir place in the team took Peter „morals” Materka, michał” mihu ” Muller and Michal „snatchy” Rudzki. Reshuffle in the composition did not produce the expected effect. Virtusi still played poorly and the results were not satisfactory. It was already mentioned the suspension of the team’s CS:GO and another reshuffle in the composition. Few expected, however, the changes that were announced on Christmas Eve.

The most important event is the end of many years of adventures of Philip ” Neo ” Cuban of Virtus Pro. One of the most outstanding Polish eSports players has represented the colors of this team for the last 5 years and has been the basis of Virtus promotion to the world leader. Neo finally says goodbye to the organization what can be said about the second legend team-Yaroslav Jarzabkowski. The popular „pashaBiceps” will no longer be an active player, but at the moment he remains in the structures of the organization.

His exact role will be announced early next year, but on the sidelines say that there should be a streamerem organization or lead their own team, which pełniłby the role of the Academy and the server for the „main” Virtus Pro team. But this is not the end of change. After a short episode with a group of also said goodbye morels. They returned to the team while they were and Snax. Both cannot be successful in recent months.

This is the first in recent months tried his hand at his own team miksowej, and Snax unsuccessfully tried to get back in shape, in the ranks of mousesports. The last member of the revived Virtus Pro was Matthew „TOAO” Zawistowski. Former player AGO ESports has become the new captain of the team. As a coach, V. P. left, and Jakub „kuben” Gurczyński. What will the team look like after the shift? We will learn about it next year. One, however, some-after Victor ” TaZ ” Wojtas left the team, and now NEO is the end of a certain era on the Polish Counter-Strike scene.

A certain era in Russian eSports is coming to an end

This is a very sad day for Polish eSports. Virtus.Pro, where players for more than a decade has brought a lot of joy to fans of Counter-Strike, suspends the activities. The official website of the team says:

A certain era in Russian eSports is coming to an end

Given the latest results, our division CS: GO failed to participate in the tournament draw until its cancellation. By the end of the year, we will inform you of the steps we have taken.

The decision was also reported in the Twitter Manager of the team, Roman Dvoryankin: It’s a sad day for us, but we have to go through. Right now our players can’t show the best game as a group, it’s bad for them, it’s bad for us, it’s bad for our fans. We will update you on our plans by the end of the year.

End Of Virtus.Pro this is due to very weak services. Even catastrophic. The poles did not get into the prestigious League ESL Pro League and IEM in Katowice. After losing clashes with Vitality and x-komem iconic character for the Polish scene, Jaroslav pasha Jarząbkowski posted on his Facebook a lot of talking message.

Virtus.Pro has won more tournament. shuts down struggling Counter-Strike lineup Losses in the courtyard, only aggravated the situation, the Poles playing in the Russian organization. This year has expired Virtusom’s rhythm personnel changes. In February, Kinguin moved with Taz, who with the team leader, Philip Neo Kubskim played from the origins of the Polish CS-a team in Poland.

Early retirement

Early retirementIn June, mousesports have passed Janusz Pogorzelski Snax, and in August left Paul byali Bilinski. They have both played with Neo and PASHA since late 2013. Regarding the shortcomings of human Virtus.Pro joined Peter morelz Taterka (, Michal MICHU Muller (with Team Kinguin) and Michael snatchie Rudzki (AGO ESports). The new line-up in a short time did not set, however, for the success of the former team.

With Virtus.Pro ends a certain era in Russian eSports. Years to come Virtus.Pro rozdawało maps in the world CS-ie and K was for the sample team that can mobilize for the main competition and take in the same lineup throughout the year. The Polish team on my account at least:

  • 1. place on ESL Major Series One Katowice 2014,
  • 1. place at DreamHack Open Bucharest 2016,
  • 1. place on ESL ESEA Pro League Invitational.

And many other successes in competitions of the highest rank-the Prime Minister. Neo is considered the best player in CS-1.6, as well as the leading player in CS-GO. Pasha and Taz, in turn, are one of the most recognizable players whose brilliant games have repeatedly got into match replays.

The suspension of Virtus.Pro under CS-and could mean the end of career oldest players: the 31-year-old Neo, and a year younger pashy. Throughout the confusion, it is best left as the pelvis is still that part left first.

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