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What courses do you need to take?

Where to learn. Has the short review delivered to you aroused your interest? If you do not mind working in the video game industry, try to find out more. Where to start? What courses do you need to take? Even in our country there is quite an interesting training offer. We start with state universities that activate academic courses specifically dedicated to video games.

The first proposed them in Milan and Genoa, but many other universities have understood the importance of providing specialized training for future programmers and video game programmers. And they organize themselves to meet their needs. For example, Luiss University offers a master in game design, and in Verona masters in game development.

We start with the Digital Bros Game Academy

There are also many private facilities. We start with the Digital Bros Game Academy, which is based in Milan and offers annual courses, which cost 7,000 euros. And we are continuing with the Vigamus Academy in Rome, which activates the three-year and master’s degree studies, for which we have to pay 6000 euros per year.

Also in Rome you can sign up for AIV (Italian Videogames Academy), which offers three-year courses, which cost 5,000 euros per year, during the IUDAV (Digital University Videogame Animation Institute) in Salerno, the first year of the lesson costs 4,500 euros (+ 500 registration fees), while the second and third year costs 6,000 euros.

We are also finishing Event Horizon, a school of digital and interactive art that has offices in Turin, Milan, Padua, Florence, Jesi and Pescara.

And this offers courses and masters of various types. This in Game Development, which lasts a year, costs 7550 euro. But there are also solutions with lower costs.

We start with the Digital Bros Game Academy

Work in the video game industry: this is how to create and what are the outlets. interviewed Geoff M. Davis, general director of Digital Bros Game Academy, which illustrates professional characters related to the video game industry, training and skills required by companies

What are the professional profiles related to the world of video games and what specifically creates the Digital Bros Game Academy?

Work in the video game industry

Making a list of all professional characters related to the video game industry would require websites and sites, because applications in the video game industry are in many cases similar to any company considered more „traditional”, such as media companies and entertainment. It is true that in the area of ​​research on game development there are very specialized roles, such as Game Designer, Game Programmer, Art and Animator, and even more in the vertical – Level Designer, Modeler, Technical Artist, etc.

Work in the video game industryFor this reason, there are plenty of professional opportunities for those who want to start a career in the industry and there are many employment opportunities, even for people with early experience.

Certainly the video game market has become more complex and competitive, which is why professionals and competences are increasingly being chosen by those who rent or look for collaborators for their own development studio or projects. Therefore, it is crucial to have special training and to follow an ad hoc path.

We see this clearly on markets such as USA and Candese, where the offer of training for the video game industry is wide and thriving.

When one of our students completes the DBGA course

Having said that, perhaps this need is emphasized in an even more meaningful way by talking to the students themselves, even those Italians who desperately want people, even beginners, who can contribute to the projects thanks to the skills they acquired after professional training on game development video.

At the Digital Bros Academy Academy, this is what we offer. Three courses – game programmer, game designer and artist / animator 2D / 3D – were designed to train the new generation of game developers on the video game market. When one of our students completes the DBGA course, he will be able to work as part of development studies as a younger resource and create his own projects.

When one of our students completes the DBGA course

We already have examples of projects that our students have implemented during the first 6 months, which we evaluate as products that will be published under one of the companies belonging to the Digital Bros Group.

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