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Why Twilight Imperium Might Be the Greatest Board Game Ever Made

Why Twilight Imperium Might Be the Greatest Board Game Ever Made

Twilight Of The Empire. There are people who start drooling on this sound. There are those who begin to tremble in horror. And how does it fit into Sunday’s players?

Beata has already moved to Jogging-all day on the boards is too much for her. I decided that even for the experience I want something like this. The game will like it or not, it’s a classic, and the classic is worth studying at least in order to sit back, as it does not deserve to be called a classic.

Twilight is a great game

No, that’s an understatement, though. Twilight is a game where the rules translate for about two hours. And the game is eight to twelve. And sometimes longer. If you are no longer afraid, I invite you to continue reading.

Explains the rules of the game, as I have said, some two hours. So I’ll have to, at its core, go a bit on the labels on their resumes.

Twilight is a great gameEach player takes on a representative of one of the interstellar empires. Individual empires differ in starting planets (they give different values of production and policy/revenue), productions, technologies and special characteristics and possible goals and technologies, racial – all this leads to certain opportunities for development, not others.

The aim of the game is to get 10 victory points. These are awarded by completing objectives (at the end of each round), conquering areas with artifacts and other ways. Points generally become dense-in the course of gaining 1-2, sometimes a good move can give 3-5, of which part of the temporary and demanding protection.

At the beginning of the turn, players choose one of the strategies-the player playing it has certain bonuses, the rest can perform actions related to it. For example, technology allows a player to invent two technologies at the regular price, or one for free, while other players can only invent one technology at the regular price at the moment. Strategies also determine the order of movement, which is also important in the game.

The Empire is in full swing

Players then perform actions in order of their strategy. They do not need to play – they can also perform other actions, such as the movement of units. However, this requires the use of one with a limited number of command chips (split into three pools – in simplifying promotions, fleet size, and the use of other players ‚ strategies). These chips are constantly disappearing, and each move comes standard only two…

The Empire is in full swingPossible actions in the game are quite a lot-research, trade (in the form of trade agreements, irregularly, giving certain harvests, usually 1-3 goods in trade, which can be changed in the game, too many missing resources), diplomacy (which vote different laws helping or seven players), etc. Ships belong to a number of different species, of which only some can carry fighters and ground forces – these first serve de facto as moving discs for the fleet (which as for me is quite weak and a little epic motive)., the second are needed to conquer planets.

Speaking of naval battles. These are solved by throwing 10 dice-with mounting on the wall, with different chances of getting hit (from 4 to 9). Standard one hit=one death, some ships can take two. This is the usefulness of fighters, which shoot poorly, but effectively absorb damage. Despite all the battles, how little useful (mass skips in each attack) as annoyingly random. Some technologies that help combat they are also quite absurd (for example, there is one technology that strengthens the chances of survival… but only in attack, nor in defense… because Why Twilight Imperium Might Be the Greatest Board Game Ever Made it is. If the other option would make more sense, then it’s just weird.)

One thing I really liked about the game was its reliance on negotiation. In this game it is possible to discuss everything and always that opens really big space for players at level purely social. Unfortunately, other elements do not correspond to this aspect.

Graphically, this is quite normal. Small ships of various types, colorful hexes. It’s decent – heksy in my opinion is worse than in Eclipse, the device is a bit nicer (though not compared to those of the extra set to Eclipse), overall not bad, but for three hundred and fifty rubles and not great.

Empires grow slowly

If we talk about the game itself… This, unfortunately, but for a long time just fought. I played a race presented as pretty strong (and Yes, races are not balanced, jupi…), the plot stylized for fast attacks by small forces of cruisers… which is an absolutely stupid possible military strategy in this game. (I’ll add that not even specifically for such attacks I had the chance to come – I didn’t have the opportunity to build a meaningful fleet for the longer part of the game.) Most of the time I had a feeling of lack of opportunity, great helplessness and whatever I did, I still have no chance of a meaningful victory. I didn’t even feel the need to cut the glasses-why would I cut three if I didn’t have a chance to destroy the remaining 7 in any way? Combined with playing time, it wasn’t a pleasant day. But Hey, at least I have experience with Twilight 😉

Empires grow slowlyTwilight is a game of contradictions for me. This is epic … on the reduction of points. It’s an awfully long game… which is basically impossible to catch up with the pack when his fall off. The game is about the long development of your Empire… in which can be lose on stupidity, not was lucky in the bones. A game with epic features … constantly and at any time dramatically suffocates an extremely small number of action points available to players.

Really? I can not understand its popularity, otherwise,than through cognitive dissonance, a kind of Stockholm syndrome. Players who have dedicated so much time to this Mare that they have to present themselves as cool because otherwise they would have gone out for pointlessly long hours. Well, maybe even the law of old age – the market games are bad, but the protracted circle of loyal fans, the fact of your experience and memories, what you fans associated with them. What with the fact that the market already has newer and better games if the old cause such emotions.

One really good and interesting thing at Dusk for me is the aspect of diplomatic negotiations, the function of negotiations with everyone. It is, however, too little as at the time of the game, and in every other aspect, I know games that Twilighta hit on the head (in this, however, probably too, but I don’t know).

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